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World's Largest
Happiness Program!

For the first time ever, millions of customers get an opportunity to discover online shopping sites, offline retail stores, to pay their utility bills or buy branded gift vouchers, all under one roof, and stand a chance to win huge cash rewards every month on their regular everyday expenses. Without doing anything extra!

That’s what we call a Happiness Program.

SHOP & WIN Cash Rewards
every month!


Why save small,
when you can earn big?

As a WINDS customer you can earn WINDS Reward Points (WRP) for every shopping transaction done on any Online Shopping site or at any registered Offline Retail store across India. You can also earn WRP by paying your utility bills, by buying branded gift vouchers, or even by referring WINDS to your family and friends. WINDS provides you abundant opportunities to accumulate 10,000 WRP and become eligible to participate in the monthly draw of luck. By participating in this draw, you will get a chance to win upto crores* as cash rewards* every month. Switch to WINDS and earn BIG!

*Terms & Conditions apply
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WINDS gives you the opportunity to participate in the BIGGEST Cash Rewards Draw every month!

Provides easy access to both Online Shopping Sites (e-tailers & portals) and registered Offline Retail Stores across all categories in your neighbourhood.

Offers smooth navigation through google maps to all the registered offline stores near you.

Gives an opportunity to discover offers on Online Shopping sites and also hyper-local offers & deals at the Offline Retail Stores in your neighbourhood.

Provides total convenience of shopping with a user-friendly experience across 100+ listed product and service categories.

Provides added convenience of paying utility bills, purchasing gift vouchers of leading brands, paying for day-to-day services and many more.

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  • Download the WINDS App from the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.
  • Explore 100+ categories across your favorite online shopping sites as well as registered nearby offline stores.
  • On shopping through WINDS Customer App, you earn WINDS Reward Points (WRP) on every purchase either from Online stores or registered Offline retail stores in your neighbourhood or on paying your utility bills and on buying any branded gift vouchers.
  • On accumulating 10,000 WINDS Reward Points (WRP) you will gain eligibility into the Monthly Draw of Luck. Customers stand a chance to win upto crores* as cash rewards* every month.
    *Terms & Conditions apply

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When the Customers make purchases
via the WINDS App, they earn
WINDS Reward Points (WRP) on every purchase.

On any purchase through the WINDS App either from an Online portal or any registered Offline Retail store, on paying utility bills or buying branded gift vouchers, customers earn WRP. On the accumulation of a minimum of 10,000 WINDS Reward Points (WRP) the customer gets a golden ticket, which gets added to their profile account on the WINDS Customer app. With each golden ticket the customers automatically enter into the draw of luck and stand a chance to win up to crores* as cash rewards* every month.

If the Customer accumulates more than 10,000 WRP say 20,000 WRP, he shall obtain 2 golden tickets thereby increasing the chance to win the Lucky Draw.

*Terms & Conditions apply