Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WINDS?

WINDS is a first of its kind Unique Digital Platform that brings together Customers and Retailers from both Offline and Online channels though a Universal Shopping App which will reward you for your daily shopping transactions. On every purchase you will win WRP (Winds Reward Points) and on accumulating 10,000 WRP, you can participate in a monthly draw of luck to win lakhs of cash rewards.

2. I am already using online shopping apps available in the market and I am satisfied with them. Why should I switch to WINDS?

WINDS is a first of its kind Universal Shopping App which will reward you for your daily shopping transactions like never before. On every purchase, you will earn WRP (WINDS Reward Points). Upon the accumulation of 10,000 WRP, you can participate in a monthly lucky draw to win lakhs of cash prizes worth crores of rupees.

3. How can I participate in the Reward program?

This is very simple. Download the Winds app and start discovering the Online Shopping Sites and Offline Vendors through the App and do your Shopping / Pay your Utility Bills or buy Branded Gift Vouchers via the App. When you reach the target limit of Rs 10000 you would have accumulated 10000 WRP (Winds Reward Points) which will get you the entitlement of a digital coupon automatically. This Digital Reward Coupon makes you eligible to participate in the Reward Program which will be conducted every month.

1. What Is User ID?

Your unique email ID or your phone number can be your user ID.

2. How to reset my password?

Enter your registered number or email and click on forgot password to get an OTP on your number or email and reset it easily.

3. Is multiple login allowed in the same device?

Yes, multiple logins are allowed in the same device. However, only one logged-in user can transact and remain active at any given moment. Concurrent Logins are Not Available at the moment.

1. How can I refer other users?

You can refer other users by asking them to use your referral code while registering or you can also send the referral link directly from your app through sms, whatsapp or email.

2. What will I get by referring my known acquaintance(s)?

You will be rewarded with 100 WRP (WINDS Reward Points) for each person who joins via your unique referral code.

1. What Is WRP?

WRP stands for Winds Reward Points. Every rupee spent on any kind of purchase either online sites / Utility Bill Payments / Gift Vouchers entitles the customer to collect WRP.

Customers can earn WRP by making purchases through WINDS App. Though WRP are very powerful in itself but it can’t be redeemed or converted to cash. These Reward Points will make you eligible to participate in a monthly cash rewards draw once you accumulate 10,000 WRP, in which you stand a chance to win Lakhs of Cash Rewards that will be deposited to your bank account directly.

2. How can I track my WRP - Provisional & Confirmed?

WRP can be tracked from by clicking on the Golden Ticket icon on Top Right. The page shows you Provisional/Confirmed and WRP earned via referral. The page also tells you individual order type and WRP against the same.

3. If I have spent 15000 in a month. What will happen to the balance of 5000 in my WINDS App?

One Coupon will be allotted against the spent amount of Rs.10,000.00 and balance WRP of Rs.5,000.00 will be carry forwarded.

4. What is percentage based WRP earnings?

Every Service has different WRP reward percentage with respect to the amount you shopped for. The detailed breakdown is available in the Affiliate / Voucher / BillPay details page in the (i) icon.

5. Will my WRP expire after a month, if not used?

No. If you have accumulated 10,000 points in a month then the same will get converted into a Reward Coupon which will become eligible for the next month’s draw. And if you accumulate only 5000 WRP in a month then these points will not expire but will be carried forward to the next month and the points will start accumulating from 5000 onwards.

6. What if I am unable to earn 10,000 WRP in a month?

There is no limit for earning WRP. Whenever you accumulate 10,000 points you become eligible to participate in the next month’s lucky reward draw.

7. In addition to earning the WRP by the customers, is there any further facility for additional special discounts?

No. There is no provision for special discounts by WINDS.

8. If there are offers or discount or cash-back on other online portals, will I be able to take advantage of them with my transactions through WINDS App?

Of course, you will be able to take advantage of all the offers and discounts given by online or offline sellers. The benefit being provided by the WINDS is above all these.

1. Do I need to keep a copy of the purchase receipt/bill till I get WRP?

Although most of the purchases are auto tracked by our system, please keep a copy of Nearby Partners Bill / Invoice untill Partner approves your transaction.

2. What is the return policy of Vouchers / BillPay / Shopping Sites & Nearby Partners?

The return and refund policy is not controlled by WINDS. A consumer has the full benefits to avail the Partner’s Return/Refund service. For specific Services:

  • Vouchers: No return or refund after the Voucher code is generated
  • Bill Pay: No return or refund once the Recharge / Bill Payment is successful. In case of failed transaction, pease call our customer care for a full refund
  • Shopping Sites: Governed by respective Shopping Sites
  • Nearby Partners: Governed by respective Shop / Executive Partners

3. What do I do if money is deducted and order is not fulfilled - for Affiliate(Shopping Sites), BillPay & Voucher?

Please call our customer care team and we will track your purchase / status and issue you a full refund - within 24 hours.

4. What are the taxes, gateway charges, GST, etc. that I have to pay?

WINDS do not levy any Payment Gateway charges. For applicable GST and/or taxes - you can see clear breakdown of charges before you place the order.

5. What do I do if the partner is not approving my bill?

We automatically remind our partners to approve all pending bills twice every week. If the Partner has still not approved your submitted bill, please call us or write to - and we will follow-up with the partner.

6. If for some reason I am unable to get a printed bill from WINDS registered partner, then what?

WINDS does not require bill mandatorily. Once the QR code is scanned at WINDS registered partner or you click upload bill button from Partner’s details page , you just have to mention the amount of purchase. The App will automatically process the request and the required Provisional WRP will start reflecting in the App.

7. If I make a bill payment to utility providers like Gas, Water & Electricity - will I receive a confirmation from the Company?

Yes, when you make a Bill Payment - the payment receipt/invoice is sent to your registered email ID. The transaction number is all you need to validate the payment with the service provider, if you so choose.

8. Can I do transactions in the Website?

Yes, all transactions are possible via our Website. This includes Profile Updation, Order Tracking, WRP status, Bill Pay, Shopping Sites, Nearby Partners, Voucher purchase, Bookmarking and much much more. Any change that you make in Website gets immediatly updated in the App as well.

9. Will my WRP expire after a month, if not used?

No. If you have accumulated 10,000 points in a month then the same will get converted into a Reward Coupon which will become eligible for the next month’s draw. And if you accumulate only 5000 WRP in a month then these points will not expire but will be carried forward to the next month and the points will start accumulating from 5,000 onwards.

10. What if I am unable to earn 10,000 WRP in a month?

There is no limit for earning WRP. Whenever you accumulate 10,000 points you become eligible to participate in the next month’s lucky reward draw.

11. Suppose a Customer buys a product in instalment then EMI will also be counted in WINDS Point or Not?

Yes, EMI will be considered for WRP. Any amount as and when paid, can be claimed for WRP by Customer which is also approved by Partner. WRP will be credited accordingly.

12. Is it possible that Customer can make the payments to WINDS Executive Partners through his APP? for e.g. Phone, Paytm etc.

Yes, customer can make the payments through any mode of payment via Cash, Online, PayTM etc.

13. Can I pay my bills through WINDS App?

Yes. WINDS App has the facility of paying all kinds of Utility Bills.

1. How can I check offers in another city?

To check offers and promotions in another city - simply change your location from the Top Navigation bar. The app will refresh and show you the offers of your chosen location.

2. What are Promotional Notifications?

Time to time, we send out great offers and savings based notifications to our active user base. These notifications are curated to provide maximum benefits which are generally not available to common public. We encourage you to keep the notifications enabled so that you do not miss a chance to Save BIG.

3. What are Transactional Notifications?

Transaction based notifications are always sent to you via one or more mediums (sms, email or push) whenever you transact via WINDS App. We do that to prevent unauthorized usage, confirm Successful/Failed Status, Award WRPs, announce winners of Lucky Draw and other account related information.

1. What is Wallet?

Currently, wallet is reserved for showing your winnings in Monthly Rewards Draw. Afterall, we need a place to Showcase your Luck. The wallet also serves the purpose of withdrawal, where you can decide when and how much of your winning amount you want to transfer to your bank.

2. Can I receive cashback in the form of INR in wallet?

No, currently we do not offer direct cashback remittances in Wallet. Wallet is reserved to showcase your monthly rewards winning and to initiate bank transfer to your own account.

3. Is there any facility of Money Transfer in WINDS App?

No such facility is available as of now.

1. How can I contact a nearby partner before visiting?

You can view the contact details, the store images and map directions inside Partner Details Page. To search for a specific Partner just start typing on the Search Bar and click on the relevant result.

2. Can I edit/update my ratings of Executive Partners?

Yes you can. If you have already rated an Executive Partner and wish to update your rating, you can click on Profile and then Click on My Ratings. From there, you can update your old rating to a new one.

3. Does WINDS provide shipping/delivery?

No. Currently we do not offer any delivery or shipping services.

1. Where are you located?

WINDS Head Office address is available at

2. What is webSite?

We developed the most versatile consumer app, but we didn’t stop there. is our entire app hosted on the web. You can do everything that you do in the App exactly in our Web Portal too.

3. How can I connect with WINDS socially?

Click on the below Social Media Icons to connect with us. We would love to engage with you in making WINDS the biggest shopping app ever.

4. How can I share feedback about the app?

You can share feedback through many channels - through in-App, Website, Social Media, AppStore or by simply writing to us at

1. What will I actually have to do to participate in the lucky draw?

There is nothing to do specific here, you only have to accumulate WRP on every purchase of yours by doing all your shopping (online or offline) through the WINDS App. On accumulation of every 10000 WRP, you will be provided with One Coupon through which you will automatically be eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

You can participate in the lucky draw by doing the same transactions that you do daily, by switching to our App. Here are few examples to get you going:

  1. Pay utility bills like Post-paid, Broadband, Electricity, Gas, Insurance, Water
  2. Recharge Mobile or DTH
  3. Buy products from your Local Shops which are WINDS Executive Partners.
  4. Buy from your favourite Online shopping sites
  5. Buy Gift Vouchers for your loved ones or for yourself. You get to earn reward points for both the Voucher Purchase and then redeeming the same in our comprehensive list of Online and Offline Partners
  6. And last but not the least, Refer Friends to accumulate reward points. The more you refer the more WRP you accumulate when your referral registers in WINDS app

2. What is the criteria for selecting winners? Who will decide the winners?

A leading auditing firm will conduct and monitor the draw. The winners will be decided by the same external auditor. To maintain transparency WINDS will have no role in deciding the winners.

3. How will I know if I am eligible for the monthly draw?

We will notify you via Push Notification as well as SMS when you have entered the Monthly Draw. The Winners of the Draw will be displayed on WINDS website too.

4. How will I get my cash reward?

After deducting the applicable taxes as per Govt. Rules and Regulations the Lucky Draw reward money will be transferred to your bank A/c registered with WINDS.